Virtual Salesperson

The brief from Rowenta Vacuum Cleaners was to produce a virtual salesperson to be used in Harvey Norman’s retail stores.  The idea is simply to stop shoppers, intrigue them and hold them long enough to learn about the Rowenta floor care range. 

The life-size virtual salesperson is recorded as she describes the products, and visuals to support each of them appear on the iPad she is holding.  The upper half of her body is then projected onto Holo Rear Projection film attached to an acrylic cut-out that accurately mimics the outline of her body.  From the waist down she is a printed vinyl graphic.

Hidden speakers run her audio, completing the magical illusion of a life-like salesperson.  These virtual displays are to be used nationally and exclusively in Harvey Norman retail outlets.

Harvey Norman Hologram

Harvey Norman Virtual Mannequin

Harvey Norman Virtual Salesperson

Harvey Norman Projected sales assistant