Museum of City & Sea,
Wellington, New Zealand
'SpectraVision and Soundscapes'

The brief was to interpret the Wellington Harbour Board's Board Room using infra-red audio communication. In a separate location to dramatise two creation legends of the Maori people through SpectraVision.


Click to Enlarge Wearing cordless infra-red headphones, visitors hear a potted history of the Wellington Harbour Board's meetings from 1893 to 1989 when the Board was disbanded. The audio interpretation was written and produced as a radio-play and deals with dramatic highlights over the 96-year period.

The story is told by the large cast of characters in the play, including successive newspaper reporters at the press table. There is no narrator - but music and the sound effects from clip-clop to vroom-vroom help to depict timeframes.

On the upper floor of the museum, SpectraVision tells two Maori legends: the creation of Wellington Harbour and the finding of fire by the mischievous demi-God, Maui.

In this production we used a well-known Maori narrator on stage with actors miming the story as she tells it. In the pen-ultimate scene the entire SpectraVision stage appears to burst into flames.

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