The Shirley Spectra Australia Pty Ltd, is a communications company specialising in non-broadcast electronic media. Its product is the creation and production of museum and exhibition communications. The company has some 45 years experience in institutional and exhibition work.

Since its establishment in 1974, The Shirley Spectra has created a unique range of communications products for a variety of Australian companies and institutions.

It is a full-service communications company, providing concepts, research, scripting, production, event design, staging, technical facilities and automation, creative direction and client service over a diverse range of products.

Shirley Technical Services, is the Technical division and installation service provider that designs, installs and maintains all of our projects.


The Shirley Spectra was founded in May, 1974, by the brothers Mike and Brian Shirley.

Brian Shirley is an electronics design engineer and his specialised knowledge has enabled the company to provide a unique service to its clients in the area of automation and information systems in presentation environments.

Mike Shirley passed away in September 2020. He is deeply missed.


The Shirley Spectra is committed to imaginative and innovative communications. Each project is unique and specifically designed to meet the precise objectives of our client. Our mission is to bring information to life.